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General Rules, What we expect, and want for the community.

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Hello everyone, here at CA we try to build a community of close friends who have a range of skills, age, and whether their here to play casually or competitively. We are about serving the community members in every possible way, and always place our members first, listening before we make any decisions. We support every type of gamer out there who is simply looking for some people to play with and have a good laugh to the competitive player in need of a team or trying to improve their skill.


We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our loyal members. We require that you  stay active in the community both on TeamSpeak and or on our website. We don't all play the same  games and some of us don't even play games but simply are the people in the background making sure the community still runs so that means our priority here is making and building friendships and communicating with one another and secondly playing games and having fun.


The members at CA are constantly looking out for each other, whether that be someone helping another with their skills at a game, or trying to solve a conflict between two members, we are here for keeping long lasting friendships and  importantly to have a good time.


Our Rules, now before I sound too strict here this is really for our officers not so much for our members, so if you're looking to become a mod or even a team leader make sure you understand the CA message and know the rules of the community.


  1. Respect, and understand each member at CA.
  2. Stay active, without you the community will disappear.
  3. Assist members, with whatever they may need help on.
  4. Integrity, stay  honest, and understand the idea of the community.
  5. Have fun, most importantly have fun in the community.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you understand a little bit more of our message here at CA if you have any questions or anything you would like to ask feel free to contact me.

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